I started playing the guitar around age 14. My sisters knew a band in San Bernardino where we lived at the time and one of the members showed me Henry Mancini's "Peter Gunn" and "Gloria" by Them.

I then bought a songbook of Beatles songs called "The Golden Beatles" which had the chords to the songs. I learned to play rhythm guitar by that book.

Sacramento Music Scene

In 1964 my family moved to Sacramento where I hooked up with two other musicians. This was my first band, "The Tom Teters Band".

After my first band, I played in many different bands throughout the years until I left my last band, "The Romp", in 2003.

Through the years I recorded an EP with the band "Eclipse" that had three of my own compositions and was produced by Charlie Peacock. I also made a cassette of my own compositions when I played in "Positive Ground" which was recorded at Heavenly Studios.

I played in numerous clubs in the Sacramento area including Marysville, Nevada City, Grass Valley, Auburn, Lincoln, Lodi, and more areas.

Going Solo

Around 2008, I morphed into a solo acoustic act performing my compositions. I've been active in the Midtown Sacramento club and coffee house scene.

I got into home recording with the technological advancements that allowed me to make my own C.D.'s at home, including the packaging.

I played most of the instruments on each C.D. and did all of the vocals with the exception of some help from my wife Sally on background vocals, who also painted two of the cover paintings.

The Next Chapter

I have now set up Sea Creatures studio at my home in Massachusetts and am actively recording new compositions.  I have chosen not to perform at present.